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In this section you will find accounts of visits  we made to several countries and exercises and base visits over the years

All reports are made at the discretion off our host, so some items seen during these visits are not reported.

Iniochos exercise  Andravida ,Greece    
Cobra Warrior 23-1 Waddington    
Last time F-15C 493FS Lakenheath    
Weapon Instructor Standardisation 2021 exercise at Rijswijk (GE)    

WRK at meiringen 2020

HWCI Training in the Rotterdam harbour

Blue Wings 2020 Norvenich

Training area GLV-V near Oirschot

3rd Combat Aviation Brigade transits via Rotterdam


B-52's deploy to RAF Fairford

 93 FS Mako's deployed to RAF Lakenheath

A visit to 3
RHC at Etain

Japan and Taiwan December 2018 

F-35A Lightning II on deployment at RAF Lakenheath April 2017


F-22 Raptors on deployment at RAF Lakenheath May 2016

On Monday 23rd 2016 at Leeuwarden AFB ,
two Netherlands F-35 Lighting IIís landed

Thracian Thunder 2016 was held at Graf Ignatievo Air Base in February 2016

The Royal Netherlands Air Force hosted the Frisian Flag 2016 exercise at Leeuwarden AB.

This yearís Anatolian Eagle took place between the 30th of May and the 10th of June

194th Fighter Squadron F-15C Eagles taxi out to the runway during a Operational Readiness Exercise at the 144th Fighter Wing March 7, 2015 Last Call for the Dutch's SE.3160 Alouette III

VFC-13 "Fighting Saints" at NAS Fallon provides adversary training for the USN

The Naval Strike and Air Warfare Center (NSAWC)  is the place to train the Navy's Air Wings for combat

Red Flag 2015-2, the air combat exercise held from March 2 to 13, 2015 out of Nellis AFB

The 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group at Davis Monthan

California Army National Guard at Stockton receives its new CH47F

CAL FIRE is short for California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection

Sea-faring dragons visit European ports

US ANG F-15's at Leeuwarden AFB during Frisian Flag 2015


Naval Air Station Whidbey Island is the Navyís premier naval aviation installation in the Pacific Northwest.


During a visit at Nordholz naval air station, the new organisation of the Marineflieger is reviewed .

One of the best if not the best place to still find beautiful old Propliners in daily service is Alaska

a full report on Anatolian Eagle 2014/2 at Konya AFB Turkey.

From the 16th to the 27th of June the 53th Tiger Meet was held. This time at the north German airbase at schleswig Jagel

The Royal Netherlands Air Force hosted the Frisian Flag 2014 exercise at Leeuwarden AB.

Sion Switzerland for the  2014 Wiederholungskurs which coincides with the WEF CAP-flights

Between November 4th and 15th the seventh edition of Cruzex took place in Natal, Brazil

Early morning choppers at Gilze Rijen AB

A visit to JG 73 "Steinhoff" at Laage AB

Anatolian Eagle 2013/2 at Konya AFB Turkey

Almost 40 years to the day of their first flight, Luftwaffe F-4 Phantoms are still flying daily missions, but only from the Ost-Frisian airbase of Wittmund

Frisian Flag international exercises, took place from 15 to 26 April 2013, at Leeuwarden Air Base
From April 30th until May 11th 2012, Fliegerstaffel 8 and Fliegerstaffel 11 had the flying part of there yearly Wiederholungskurs at Meiringen From April 30th until May 11th 2012, Lufttransportstaffeln 6 and 8 had there yearly Wiederholungskurs at Alpnach
Eurofighters at Zeltweg, Austria taking part in the WEF 2012 with exercise "Daedalus 12"    
Reims-Champagne, the last base flying the Mirage F1 in the French air force until June this year A visit to the 204. Aviation Brigade's at Batajnica Serbia.
A visit to Swartkop AFB, South Africa    
In October 2010 we were invited to join the Polish Ministry of Defence photo tour This year we went to England and Wales. In Wales we hoped to do some low flying action but that had become uncertain due to the effects of the I am with stupid "scandal".

Culdrose and Predannack
The Fleet Air Arm in Cornwall
The India -France joint Air Exercise 'GARUDA -IV' began on Monday June 14 th at Istres and Orange Air Base in southern France
"Coldest January in ages" - a warm welcome at Gilze Rijen
Reims still going strong ,a other day at BA112 Reims-Champagne
This May we where given the change to visit the Hellenic Air Force.
Next to visiting the Air force where able to arrange visits to the Army and Navy helicopter elements
From 5 to 16 October 2009, the year Franco-Saudi Green Shield (Bouclier Vert, in French) exercise took place on the Base Aťrienne 102 near Dijon.
Sion Switzerland to catch the Wiederholungskurs which coincides with the WEF CAP-flights the new demo bird for the Royal Netherlands Air Force F-16 demo team at Volkel
Meiringen, One of the most scenic bases of Europe Phantom mania at Wittmund
Swiss helicopter town Alpnach    
Australia Greece Air days
Graz Austria , last days of the F-5 Helicopters, helicopters and more helicopters.
Two days in July got us on base visits to HMS Heron near Yeovilton in Somerset, Gosport near Portsmouth and Arborfield near London.
Meiringen Switzerland during the WEF 2008 A day at BA112 Reims-Champagne. During the whole day taking pictures was on the mind of our host making this one of the best visits I had for years in France.
Visit to Baldonnel. On the 23 of April we had a change to see the changes made within the Air Corps since our last visit in 2002. On the 19th of May we were welcome at Marine Nationale BAN HyŤres-La Palyvestre. Situated direct at the Mediterranean sea
Coningsby Fighter Town UK. On booth day's we saw about twenty aircraft flying, as well in the morning as afternoon mission A other day well spend at Florennes,
for the TLP
TLP 2007-5.
A trip to the major basis in Portugal and to Talevera in Spain Tiger meet at Albacete. With over 50 aircraft and chopper from ten tiger squadrons it was a one of the bigger meets held in the last years.
Korea and Japan We went to Coltishall for a last glimpse of a fast disappearing aircraft type, with the forward closing date of operational flying of the RAF.
A visit to the lynx squadron at de Kooy and Skyline aviation. NAF Atsugi 21th October 2005
The Naval Air Facility Atsugi lies close to Tokyo, surrounded by housing and other developments.
Baldonnel IAC On invitation of the Fortele Aeriene Romane (The Romanian Air Force) we made a trip along some Air Bases
CND 2001    
A visit to the 124th Wing, Idaho Air National Guardbased at Gowen Air National Guard Base    
Saalfelden, 23 March 99 during the Austrian Air force high altitude helicopter training course    
17-07-1986 a day at Wyton. With all the different Canberra squadrons. And three Nimrod R1 down the taxi track. The Tactical Air Meet of 1984 was held at Gilze-Rijen air force base in The Netherlands


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