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Airpower09 Fliegerhorst Hinterstoisser, Zeltweg Oostenrijk

The last air show in Zeltweg was in 2005, Airpower05. After two years absence, the biennial event Airpower09 was a huge success spread over two days , Friday June 26th and Saturday June 27th,with 280,000 visitors one of the biggest events in Austria in 2009 and one of the highlights of the air show calendar 2009. The flying program began at 09:00 am and lasted up to 18:00 hours all in an inspiring environment with amazing backgrounds.

Although in the days prior to Airpower09 much rain fell in Austria and southern Germany, Airpower09 still continued. Airpower09 on Friday and Saturday morning had no burden of extreme weather conditions, it was even a hot and sunny, unlike other parts of Austria. Saturday afternoon there was a change in the weather conditions. We watched the impending dark skies and opted for the lunch. During lunch, the rain broke loose and the light reduced fast. Therefore opted for an early retreat from Graz and Ramstein back to Holland.

Airpower 09 is a huge tourist attraction for the region of Steiermark with the result that the hotels in the area in early 2009 were all booked up. Our hotel was situated in the valley next to Zeltweg making the journey to and from Zeltweg was an attraction in itself.
Evening navigation with the Tom Tom which shows turns on the screen more visible than in reality and in the morning descending from above the clouds to Zeltweg. The second day, the average rate of climb and descent was better, we where only stopped by oncoming cows (with bells).

The opening two days, almost traditionally opened by the so-called Fahnenflug with nine helicopters. (AB-212, AI III, OH-58, AB-206 and Cobra) After that Airpower09 began at Fliegerhorst Hinterstoisser at Zeltweg. .

Besides that there were several demonstrations in the flying program there were also several international display teams such as the Breitling Team, Patrouille de Suisse, Team Orlik in Poland, the Turkish Stars and newcomers in the demonstration circuit Krila Oluje (Wings of Storm) and the Flying Bulls Aerobatics Team was the airshow is divided into a number of themes.

Something very different than the speed of the jet and prop planes was a demonstration team with gliders from the Slovak Blanik team with two Let L-13 Blaniks.
Within the theme of aviation history there were a demonstrations of a Bleriot XI (1908), Boeing Pt17 Stearman (1934), Caudron C-460 Rafale (1934) and a Douglas DC-2 (1935).

In Let's Get Big theme there were the larger the bigger aircraft and a helicopter demonstrations. From the German Sikorsky CH-53G to a Consolidated PBY-5A and hit a flying Dornier Do-24 ATT.

The theme Warbirds was shown by a Messerschmitt Bf-109 (1935), Lockheed P-38L Lightning (1939), Chance Vought F4U-4 Corsair (1940), North American B-25J Mitchell (1940) and a Yakowlew Yak-3U (1941).

The afternoon program was started by the Osterreichische Bundesheer which shows her duties in the protection and assistance to the population. One of the special demonstrations was the removal of fallen trees by a helicopter, dropping the water on a fire from a Pilatus PC-6 Turbo Porter, Alouette 3 and Augusta AB212.

In addition to these demonstrations was an interception of an intruder in the Austrian airspace demonstrated by a C130 Hercules, which was intercepted by two scrambled Eurofighters.

The Airpower09 was the latest public demonstration of the Austrian Air Force Kleblatt helicopter demonstration team with the AB206A Jet Rangers. The AB206A would soon after Airpower09 be taken out of service after 40 years of service.

Particular was also a demonstration of the Austrian Air Force demo team Karo-As 5 Saab Sk60 because this team is not actively participating in the annual air show calendar.

When your having a party it's good to invite your neighbours

In short Airpower09 was a success, would be a pity if over two years the follow-up to the Airpower tradition would end. Compliments for the organization just like previous years it was outstanding.



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