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Royal Netherlands Air Force Open Days 2013


The 2013 RNLAF Open Days on 14 and 15 June 2013 at Volkel Air Base.

During the Dutch Defence Open Days the Defence organization demonstrated its ongoing deploy ability for peace and security in the Netherlands and far beyond its borders. The services of the armed forces showcased various advanced weapon systems in large-scale displays, demonstrating how the armed forces use them in the Air Power Display.
The air show part of the RNLAF Open Days with flight demonstrations of various types of aircraft and helicopters from the Netherlands and abroad was the highlight of the day for many people, visitors and personnel alike. Of special interest where the Su-22 pair from Poland, the Mirage 2000 Ramex delta pair from France and the Viggen of the Swedish historical flight. Several formations gave a impression of the Air Force during the years from props of the Dutch air force historical flight to an privately owned Hunter and Meteor.

On the static display there was an extensive exhibition of aircraft, helicopters, guided missiles and various stands. The public got a look at the past and future of the Air Force, but the most important thing was to give them an impression of how the Air Force operates today, and how it employs its personnel and materiel during the missions of the future.

Displayed where some older operational aircraft like the A-7ís, F-4 and even an Estonian An-2. But also newer types like the Finish PC-21 and NH-90 from Holland. These where complemented with several private planes like a Lim-2 from Poland and a ejx USAF Vietnam Cessna O-2A Skymaster now based at based at Teuge after arriving from the states last week. 2013 being a jubilee year for several squadrons gave some nice tails on the static and a special F-4F from Germany marking the imminent service end of the type with the German Air Force .

Air show


2013 is a jubilee year for the Royal Netherlands air Force celebrating 100 years of military flight in the Netherlands. During this period the air weapon proved it us in several theatres and deployments.

After the collapse of the Berlin Wall, at the end of the 1980s, the threat from Eastern Europe decreased dramatically. Same as with other armed forces, this new situation led to a change of strategy within the Royal Netherlands Air Force. The focus shifted more and more to the provision of support in international conflicts.

Although the Royal Netherlands Air Force had provided support to international operations in conflict areas before, this type of deployment took on a larger scale in the 1990s.




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