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Volkel Air shows 2009


Volkel Air Show 2009,

On June 19th and 20th Volkel hosted the 2009 Air Force Days of the RNLAF.

2009 is the year of 100 years of aviation in The Netherlands, to celebrate this a replica of the Wright Flyer opened the air show.
It was an unique sight to see it fly just a couple of meters above the runway. Other highlights where a Polish Air Force's MiG 29 and of course the Vulcan B2 of the Vulcan trust, making its first overseas appearance since it entered the air show circuit in 2008.

As in the previous air show part of the static was filled with the well known types, and aircraft participating in the air show.
A usaf C-17 dominated the beginning of the static and the Vulcan the end. A NH-90 from the Italian Navy made a first aperients at the show. It is one of the first examples in pre-operational use in the Italian Navy.

This years air power demo started with a mass take off from fifteen F-16 from the three based f-16 squadrons.
Followed by a KDC-10 from 334 Squadron on a simulated air refuelling mission with 4 trailing F-16s.
Next to the F-16s the this year formed DHC (Defense Helicopter Command) participated with a CH-47D Chinook from 298 Squadron, two AS532U2 Cougars from 300 Squadron and two AH-64Ds from 301 Squadron all based on Gilze-Rijen.

With F-16 coming from all direction and a descent amount off pyrotechnics it was a impressive display off force.









On the Friday the show was filled with demo teams. Off the three mayor display teams in Europe, two displayed at Friday. The RAF display team The Red Arrows and the FAF display team Patrouille de France presented a very dynamic show. Other teams performing where; the Marche Verte, Patrulla Aguila, Royal Jordanian Falcons, Turkish Stars and the private Viper Display Team. As in previous display of the Turkish Stars the commentator did his best.
The Viper Display Team is a private display team, flying four BAC 167 Strike Masters owned and operated by different ex-RAF pilots. The aircraft are painted in different colour schemes representing some of the ex-operators of the type.

Two new demo's of the RAF performed, the Typhoon showed the power and agility of this air frame. Starting with a impressive take off. The Beech 200 display of 45 (Reserve) Squadron, showed that even with this kind of plane a good demo is possible.

New in the Dutch air show circuit is a single seat F.6A of the Dutch Hawker Hunter Foundation, doing its first display at Volkel.
Displaying the end of the show the Vulcan showed of it lines. Not in the aggressive way as it used to do, but this is understandable .
Closing the display was a MiG-29UB from the Polish Air Force. Giving a old fashion demo with a lot off smoke and noise.



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