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Værløse Air Show 19-06-2002

In 2002 the Danish Airforce held its annual air show at Vaerlöse Air Station, near Copenhagen. Danish air shows are famous for the participants of the Baltic states and they where also present this year. They managed to have a wide and interesting variety of aircraft on both static and flying display.
188774 CF-188 425sq
29+23 MiG-29GT JG73
38+63 F-4F JG71
83+24 S Lynx Mk88A MFG3
41 An-2 EstoniaAF
MM6704/9-52 F-104S-ASA-M 10øGr
MM6776/9-46 F-104S-ASA-M 10øGr
MM62180/46-45 C-130J 2øGr
145 L-410UVP(T) LatviaAF
12 An-2 LithuaniaAF
06 bl L-39ZA Naikintuvu Grandis
LX-N90450 E-3A NAEW&CF
J-209 F-16BM 315sq            
L-13 PC-7 131EMVOsq        
Q-01 AH-64D 302sq            
306 F-16BM 332 skv          
15206, 15234 Alpha Jet A Esq103/301
C.14-43/14-24 Mirage F1M Ala 14
68-0342, 68-0374 F-4E 172 Filo
XH134 Canberra PR9 39(1PRU)sq
ZB605/-, ZD990/721 Harrier T8 899sq
XX194/CO Hawk T1A 100sq   
XX349/CE Hawk T1W 100sq   
XZ355/FJ Jaguar GR3A 41sq    
XZ398/FA Jaguar GR3 41sq    
ZE441/79 Jetstream T3 Heron Flt
ZJ135/T Merlin HC3 28sq    
ZA559/AD, ZD848/AE Tornado GR4 9sq
81-0992/SP A-10A 81st FS "52OG"
84-0084 C-21A 76th AS      
B-679 C-130H Esk721       
C-168 CL-604 Esk721       
ET-612 F-16BM Esk723       
F-249 G.1159A Esk721       
H-205 H500M OBSHLKmp     
P-234 AS550C2 PVHKmp       
S-191 S Lynx Mk90B S›v Fl
T-415, T-426 T-17 FLSK              
U-240, U-280 S-61A-1 Esk722            
WG-02-06 Lynx fuselage only, c/n 434
AR-113 RF-35 preserved         
Flying display area/flying:
5/33-FC Mirage F1C EC03.033
512/33-FL, 518/33-FF Mirage F1B EC03.033
L-11 PC-7 131EMVOsq
1407 An-26 13ELTr
C.14-45/14-26 Mirage F1M Ala 14  
T.19B-14/35-32 CN235EA02 Ala 35  
XZ690/SM-375 Lynx HMA8 815sq   
ZD612/711,ZH809/N-710 S Harrier F/A2 899sq   
82-0650/SP A-10A 81st FS         
C-080,C-172 CL-604 Esk721
E-199, E-601 F-16AM Esk727          
E-598 F-16AM nn              
H-244 H500M OBSHLKmp        
P-288 AS550C2 PVHKmp          
S-181 S Lynx Mk90B S›v Fl  
T-418,T-420,T,417,7421 T-17 RDAF           
T-423,T-428,T429 T-17 RDAF           
U-278,U-279 S-61A-1 Esk722          



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