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RIAT at Fairford 2006

Fairford 2006,

This year's Fairford air show was one of a long lasting range of fine air shows. Although, like all air shows, at Fairford are no longer the large number of aircraft like previous year's it's still worthwhile a trip to the UK.

The biggest concern at Fairford was the sun and the high temperatures, otherwise the air show was perfectly organized.

Highlights where the superb flying displays of the Russian Mig 29 (which flew loopings with corners ), the F/A 18F, the first European display of the MV-22 Osprey and the last display of a icon the Canberra.

On the static side where the Greek A7's, Turkish F4's neatly parked together. Two types of aircraft which are becoming
rare amongst the F16's and Eurofighters.

A new item was graffiti by crews of the Brazilian C130 and the German CH53. The most impressive painting on a aircraft
was the Pakistan C130 which had a painted tail for which they where grateful for the global support after the earthquake.



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