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Oostmalle - Zoersel 04-09-1993


After the interesting air show in 1991 with a lot of east European participation a other air show was held in 1993. This air show was smaller in the participation of the different air force's but is was very pleasant to see the Mig-29 team from Russia.   

H12 A109HO SLV
ST41 SF260D 5sm
XX226, XX235/PJ Hawk T1 4FTS
VP981 Devon C2 BoBMF
P7350/YT-F Spitfire IIa BoBMF
PS915/P Spitfire PR19 BoBMF
RA-78838 IL-76MD Aeroflot
RA-02166/50 Su-26 ex CIS AF
60033/1,  60061/3 Sk60 F5/Team 60
60062/7,  60096/2 Sk60 F5/Team 60
60098/5,  60125/4 Sk60 F5/Team 60
60139/6 Sk60 F5/Team 60
60108/108 Sk60 F5
F-AZDX B-17G '41-22960/DF-G
G-ASKH Mosquito T3 'RR299/HT-E'
G-BEDF B-17G '41-24485/DF-A
G-BIXL P-51D '44-72216/AJ-L
G-BLCK Spitfire IX 'TE566/DU-A'
G-BOML HA1112 '14'
G-BPIV Bollingbroke4T 'Z5722/WM-Z'
G-BTTA Fury FB10 '115'
G-ASJV Spitfire LF9b 'MH434/ZD-B'
G-TRIX Spitfire Tr9 'PV202/VZ-M'
N33VC T-33A '54-21261'
NX55JP FG-1D (BuNo.88391)
N320SQ B-25J 'HD346/NO-V'
OK-GXA L-39 Aero
OK-NDG L-410
OO-MOR MS315 c/n 279
OO-LYR SV4C c/n 109
OO-STM N2S-2 c/n 75-1391
SE-ITU PA-30-300 Trafikfl.Skola
Other side/flying:
AT11 Alpha Jet 11sm
CH02 C-130H 20sm
C-10 F27-300M 334sq
Team Striji:
MiG-29 30005/42 30011/44,
30015/46, 300../48
MiG-29UB ...../33 ...../34
Frecce Tricolori:
MB339A  :  MM54445/8, MM54473/4,
MM54475/3, MM54477/9
MM54478/7, MM54479/1,
MM54484/11, MM54486/2
MM54485/10, MM54551/6

On of the nice things of this air show is the fact that it is possible to come close to action. And the very relaxed attitude there is toward the spectators and performers. It was nice to see a formation of two B-17 in a setting that could put you strait back to the forties



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