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Nato Tiger meet 2010 at Volkel AFB


Volkel October 7th 2010,

Again the Tigers gathered for two weeks of good flying and good fun.

This years Tigermeet was hosted by Volkels 313 “Tiger”squadron.
313 Squadron exists for over 55 years but only became a Tiger Squadron in 1990. In 1990 the squadron became operational on the F16, changed its badge to the Tiger badge and became a NATO Tiger Association member. In December 2005 it, again, is based at Volkel after the closure of Twenthe Airbase. Volkel is now home to 3 F16 squadrons, 311, 312 and 313. Al have the same mission: air support and strike.

All in all some 55 aircraft participated from 14 different units and 10 different country’s, flying 664 mission out of the originally 715 planned. Support was given out of Geilenkirchen by the E3 Awacs of 1 Squadron and Eindhoven Airbase where a KC135 of the Ohio ANG was based for the exercise.
Unfortunately not all units were able to attend. The Swiss, Spanish, Portuguese and Greek were not able to participate in the flying exercise. Either because of budgetary reasons or operational commitments.

The Greek Air Force 335 Mira did not participate in the flying because of there transition from the A7 to the new F16 block52+. For them it is good to come back next year flying one of the latest and most modern versions of the well known F16. It is a pity though that we shall not see the wonderful A7 again. Also as observers but planning to fly next year was the Polish Air Force 6ELT, also flying the F16 block 52+.











The Silver Tiger Trophy went to 211 squadron of the Czech Air Force. They participated only for the 3rd time and were given full membership during this Tiger meet.

Two spottersdays were organized by the Spotting Group Volkel and the Klu. A very good initiative and a very good organization. It gave 1500 enthusiast the possibility to see the flying and take pictures from on the airbase. On the spottersday on the 7th October two missions were flown. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. Each mission consisting of some 50 aircraft.

Even though the variety of types is becoming less it was still a very mixed . We could see the Mirage 2000 (in three sub versions), the Saab Grippen, the Tornado, the old Saab 105 and a lot of F16’s. Also a CSAR mission was flown with a Cougar, two AB212’s and a Czech Mi35 Hind. Most units also took the chance to fatten the squadron budget by selling all kind of goods like shirt’s, patches, scarf’s, hat’s and cap’s.

Apart from the sun not exactly smiling down on us we had a great day out.

Next years Tigermeet will be hosted by EC01.012 and held at Cambrai Air base, France



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