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Nova Scotia International Air Show 2003


Shearwater September 6th 2003,


in July 1948, RCAF Station Dartmouth, soon to be renamed HMCS Shearwater, hosted the very first air show and static display of naval aircraft in Canada. The format of what would become the Shearwater International Air Show or SIAS began to crystallize in 1981 in a air show that hosted many foring visitors. Growing to the Nova Scotia International Air Show in the 1990's during this time the Canadian Army increased their participation and the "dynamic demonstration and armored fighting vehicle rides made that particular service a major contributor to the overall success.

This years show was hampered with the reminisce of a tropical storm on the arrival days. Therefore it was not possible for the participating aircraft to get in to Shearwater before Saturday. Witch made Saturdays a unique arrival show when the fog finally lifted. Followed Sunday by an dynamic air display in front of a single day record crowd estimated to be in excess of 65,000.











On Sunday the aerial portion of the show was opened by the Sky Hawks under their distinctive Canadian flag canopies.

The Canadian Forces was represented with displays by such diverse aircraft as the CF-18 jet fighter and the oldest (Sea King) and newest (Cormorant) helicopters in the air force inventory..

The US Navy EA3B Prowler put on an exceptional performance and their S3B Viking patrol and tanker aircraft made for interesting duo. The United States Air Force demonstration of a KC 135 simulating the air-to-air fuelling of a Navy Prowler showed the versatility of this USAF force multiplier.  Following Ed Shipley putting his F-86 Sabre through its paces, and the display by the aggressive A-10 Thunderbolt 2, the two hugely dissimilar aircraft teamed up for the USAF Heritage Flight demonstration.

On the static the highlight was the EP-3 of the US Navy a plane not often seen on a static display. At  the end the Snowbirds arrived at centre stage and proceeded to do what they do so well

We would like to thank the people of the Public Relations at Shearwater for there time and effort in arranging this visit.

Shearwater 6-9-2003
116832 CF-116 D SAM
12157 CP-121 SAM
1501 CS2F-1 SAM
114075 CT-114 SAM
126402 F2H-3 SAM
PP462 Firefly SAM
945 HUP3 SAM
85861 TBM-3 E SAM
101063 CF-101 B
12403 CH-124 A
12412 CH-124 A
156124 CT-156
140117 CP-140
86-0415 758 AS C-130 H
92-1538 187 AS C-130 H
68-0211 337 AS C-5 A
164952 DW-207 VMFA-251 F/A18 C
164978 DW-201 VMFA-251 F/A18 C
84-1287 134 FS F-16 C
158843 F-23 VT-86 T-39 G
115456 456 442 SQN CC-115
130323 413 SQN CC-130 E
188 CF-188
188709 709 CF-188
146407 407 403 SQN CH-146
149909 CH-149
2141 CAPE COD HU-25 C
44+32 JBG 38 TORNADO
44+45 JBG 38 TORNADO
153962 MQ-409 HMM-774 CH-46 E
154810 MQ-403 HMM-774 CH-46 E
165814 AA-602 VAW-125 E-2 C
161118 AF-502 VAQ-209 EA-6 B
161775 AF-503 VAQ-209 EA-6 B
156507 PR-507 VQ-1 EP-3 E
89-2085 OH 112 FS F-16 C
89-2109 OH 112 FS F-16 C
89-2114 OH 112 FS F-16 C
89-2151 112 FS F-16 C
160152 AA-705 VS-30 S-3 B
160581 AA-701 VS-30 S-3 B
162135 HP-452 HSL-44 SH-60 B
165970 F TW-6 T-6 A
165972 F TW-6 T-6 A
114009 Snowbirds CT-114
114019 Snowbirds CT-114
114076 Snowbirds CT-114
114085 Snowbirds CT-114
114089 Snowbirds CT-114
114099 Snowbirds CT-114
114146 Snowbirds CT-114
114172 Snowbirds CT-114
114173 Snowbirds CT-114
114174 Snowbirds CT-114


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