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2001 Nova Scotia International Air Show 

After an early morning start, we arrived just in time to catch the morning dampness still glistening on the canopies of the  static display aircraft. We quickly began exploring various locations around Canadian Forces Base Shearwater. Much to our surprise the static was filled with US Navy aircraft. We also noticed there was not an Twin Otter in sight witch we hoped to see her because Yellowknife, N.W.T. is a bit further away the Nova Scotia .But still the presence of the USA forces was much bigger than expected.

Having a soft spot for vintage jet aircraft, we noticed the beautifully camouflaged CT-33 on static display. Not far away was another CT-33 in standard military grey. Given that these T-birds would be phased out of Canadian service in March 2002, we wasted no time shooting pictures.

The aerial displays were equally as entertaining. The Northern Lights, the world's first civilian all-jet aerobatics team, flew a very nice routine in their Czech Aero Vodochody L-39s. A pair of Luftwaffe Tornadoes from 52 Recce Wing, which were slated to do an aerial display, ran into trouble when one of the planes experienced a tire blow-out on take- off and could not fly. The remaining Tornado did put on a solo display. As the flying displays were put on hold while a CH-113 Labrador, Search and Rescue ( SAR ) helicopter performed a "hot" refuel. We later discovered the CH-113 was on it's way to pick up an ailing Russian sailor on a ship off the coast.  At the end of the show the Snowbirds did a flawless display. With this type of professionalism, it is no wonder the Snowbirds are considered to the best precision flying team in the world today.

NSIAS 2001 had several highlights. A pair of S-3B Vikings, the EA6-B, Buffalo and Sea King aircraft were all quite enjoyable to watch, while the retirement flight of the CT-133 was a historic occasion. The static display of a restored Banshee also served to remind us that at one point in history Canada had an aircraft carrier.

All in all a enjoyable day with thanks to Michael Creighton for offering us the facilities of the Nova Scotia International Air Show Association.


Flightlines near static
12410     CH-124 CAF
C-GIVS Serial No  330211 LET 39  
C-GIVZ Serial No 430219 LET 39  
N9057R Serial No 433132 LET 39  
N6380L Serial No  332502 LET 39  
114099     CT-114 CAF
114076 4   CT-114 CAF
114078 1   CT-114 CAF
114012     CT-114 CAF
114013     CT-114 CAF
114019     CT-114 CAF
114078     CT-114 CAF
114174     CT-114 CAF
114107     CT-114 CAF
114146     CT-114 CAF
114159     CT-114 CAF
11417     CT-114 CAF
161885 NL-532 VAQ 134 EA-6 B USN
163887 NL-531 VAQ 134 EA-6 B USN
150001   437 SQN CC-150 CAF
50+88     C-160 D WGAF
144604   412 SQN CU-144 A CAF
146439 439 439 SQN CH-146 CAF
12430     CH-124 CAF
12407     CH-124 CAF
86-0228 VA 149 FS F-16 C USAF
86-0232 VA 149 FS F-16 C USAF
158601 A VT-9 T2 C USN
158588 A VT-9 T2 C USN
84-1380   134 FS F-16 C USAF
68-8136 RA 12 FTW AT-38 USAF
94-0132 VN 71 FTW T1 A USAF
133579   439 SQN CT-133 CAF
97-0022 RA 12 FTW T6 A USAF
164200 AC-400 VFA 105 FA-18 C USN
164251 AC-403 VFA 105 FA-18 C USN
161775 AC-503 VAQ 209 EA-6 B USN
161190 7A   UC-12 B USN
161323 RW VRC 30 UC-12 B USN
164271 DR-205 VMFA-312 FA-18 C USMC
164264 DR-200 VMFA 312 FA-18 C USMC
164866 01 VMFA 533 FA-18 D USMC
72-0288 RA 562 FTS CT-43 A USAF
164888 10 VMFA 533 FA-18 D USMC
161118 AF-500 VAQ 209 EA-6 B USN
142805   402 SQN CT-142 CAF
161309 7N   UC-12 B USN
62-3576   133 ARS KC-135 R USAF
84-0123   54 AF C-21 USAF
97-1352   135 AS C-130 J USAF
165162 QH VMGR 234 KC-130 T USMC
140101     CP140 CAF
101063     CF-101 CAF
114075     CT-114 CAF
1501     CP-121 CAF
57-1462     KC-135 R USAF
88-1667 SJ   F-15 E USAF
88-1696 SJ   F-15 E USAF
202 36-CB   E-3 F FAF
84-1287   134 FS F-16 C USAF
69-5825     MC-130 P USAF
87-0122     KC-10 A USAF
82-0192     KC-10 A USAF
Flight line  parallel runway    
115457   442 SQN CC-115 CAF
133656   434 SQN DM-133 CAF
140120     CP140 A CAF
160144 AA-700 VS 30 S3 B USN
86-2108 HL 4 FS F-16 C USAF
89-2086 HL 4 FS F-16 C USAF
160140 AA-706 VS 30 S3 B USN
133656   434 SQN DM-133 CAF
188917     CF-18 B CAF
188709     CF-18 A CAF
12413     CH-124 CAF
12437     CH-124 CAF
12404     CH-124 CAF
12424     CH-124 CAF
12440     CH-124 CAF
12441     CH-124 CAF
146483   427 SQN CH-146 CAF
11301   413 SQN CH-113 CAF
133504   434 SQN DM-133 CAF
84-1287   134 FS F-16 C USAF
133038     CT-133 CAF
43+68     TORNADO GAF
44+68     TORNADO GAF
45+81     TORNADO GAF
CP121 12157
OS4 55891 (Y88?)
CT133 133038
CP121 1501
F2H 126402
CF101 101063


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