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AeroExpo 2010 Marrakesh


AeroExpo 2010 Marrakesh

The first AeroExpo Marrakech, was held on 2008 under the High Patronage of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, under the aegis of the Ministry of Equipment and Transport and the Ministry of Industry, Trade and New Technologies, with the effective support of the Royal Air Forces, was undoubtedly a great success. This years AeroExpo was held in Morocco between the 27th and the 30th of January 2010 at the Marrakech Menara Airport.

AeroExpo Marrakech 2010 focused on creating opportunities for the attendees to interact and meet new buyers & partners. The show will attracted exhibitors, delegations from around the world, Ministries of defence, civil aviation delegations, advisors, industrialists, representatives of local, regional, national governments who found the AeroExpo at Marrakech an ideal opportunity to network and to establish potential trade and future partnerships.

The wide spectrum of business achieved during this first edition highlighted the significant growth of the Moroccan aeronautic industry in recent years and the choice of this country to host this event. The aeronautic industry in Morocco is a promising asset for the Moroccan economy. Its identification as such led to the creation of an industrial area “Nouasseur Aero pole” which currently lodges around 15 companies operating in different aeronautic activities. This Aero pole will have to gear down the outputs of this activity in terms of added value and generation of new jobs. the gaol is that by 2015, aeronautic industry in Morocco should create 17.000 employments and an additional sales turnover of about 800 million euros.

Having a high potential for the aeronautic industry and the adequate environment to host a larger number of aeronautics companies , Morocco represents an ideal market for the aviation industry, especially sub-contracting which has highly developed within the last few years.

Air show


The Moroccan air force is working on a renewal battle, most types present at the show, or have just received an upgrade. The purchased F-16s will not be a replacement  for the F-5E or Mirage F1 and be most likely stationed at Ben guérir Air Base just over Marrakesh.
Besides the purchase of the F-16 the Moroccan Air Force ordered; 24 T-6C The Royal Moroccan Air Force is the launch customer off  the new T-6C model ,a improved version of the T-6A Texan II. The T-6C features an integrated glass cockpit and hard point for external fuel tanks. Four C-27J are ordered from Alenia Aeronautica, this is the first C-27J order from a non-NATO country. Last year a request was made for three CH-47D and a Gulfstream G550. At the moment a upgrade program for the Mirage F1CH is started with the first two aircraft being upgraded by Sabca  at Gosselies Belgium. The Astrac upgrade will massively enhanced the capabilities of the Mirage F1CH. With the remainder of the upgrades preformed in Morocco it will create jobs and know-how.

The evenings where spent in the old city and the main square Djemaa el Fna. Through the many alleys with numerous shops where absolutely everything was sold, fresh orange juice to fresh whole rabbit. Arrived at the central square, are you amazed by what you see or rather what you do not see. It is a mass of people music making a jumble of food and drink stalls. So next to the AeroExpo Marrakesh has also a lot to offer to the regular tourist as a city with a great history and culture.


Static & flightline
CN-AJB/02 AB205 FRA 4057
245 Alpha Jet H FRA  
CN-ABP/2 CAP232 Marche Verte 28
CN-ABQ/6 CAP232 Marche Verte 29
CN-ABR/5 CAP232 Marche Verte 31
CN-ABS/4 CAP232 Marche Verte 36
CN-ABT/3 CAP232 Marche Verte 37
CN-ABU CAP232 Marche Verte 41
CN-ABV/1 CAP232 Marche Verte 42
CN-ABW/7 CAP232 Marche Verte 43
CN-ABX/8 CAP232 Marche Verte 44
CN-AME CN235M-100 FRA AL05-1-C027
CN-AOM C-130H FRA 4875
91924 F-5E FRA  
139 Mirage F1CH FRA  
150 Mirage F1CH Inside tent, tail only  
CN-ASE/31 SA330L FRA 1483
CN-ACF SA342L FRA,pod only 1902
CN-ACX SA342L FRA 1985
112/CN-AHB AS565MB Marine Royale  
CN-AIN SA330L Gendarmerie 1500
CN-AIY AS355F-1 Gendarmerie 5247
CN-AZR Trinidad GT Gendarmerie 2171
CN-BZA S2R-T660 Gendarmerie T660-123DC
05/F-TGCJ Extra 330SC EVAA  
MM62250/46-91 C-27J 46St 137
08-8605/RS C-130J-30 USAF  
93-0533 F-16CJ South Carolina ANG  
93-0535 F-16CJ South Carolina ANG  
- SA341F Aerotec 1105
CN-HAD AS350B-2 Helisud Maroc 4416
CN-HBC AS350B-3 Helisud Maroc 4693
CN-HDS EC130B4 Helisud Maroc  
CN-HSM R44 Bravo Helisud Maroc 10178
CN-TAD BeB300 Helisud Maroc FL-638
CN-TSA DA42    
CN-TSR DA42   42.179
CN-TYR Ce208B Helisud Maroc 208B-1039
EC-ET6 ELA-07   0606-100-0724
EC-KKC Ce680 Soho Aviation 680-0117
EC-KQG P2002JR   91
EC-KZC P2002JF   95
EC-XBD CH-640-4    
F-GOPM Falcon 20E-5 Michelin Air Service  
F-GVIA Hawker 850XP    
F-WWEY ATR72-600 ATR  
G-BZMG R44    
I-PJET P180 Windjet  
N3000B Rayth 3000 Hawker  
N30LX G-1159A/AMIL Lockheed Martin  
N45LJ Learjet 45XR Learjet 392
N465VL S-92A Conquistador H.S. 920067
N510KZ Ce510   510-0251
N578CJ Ce525B   525B-0282
N666NF Hawker 750    
N769CC Cl605    
N850FA TBM850   471
OE-FMF DA42M-NG   42.MN002
SP-GEI AT-3-R100 Aero Maroc Trading  
T7-PEP P2006T   9
ZS-DTD Hawker 4000   RC-12
85 T-6 FRA, pres, wh c/s  
  T-6 FRA, preserved  
Maintenance hangar
56-529 T-37B FRA  
56-586 T-37B FRA  
57-262 T-37B FRA  
57-304 T-37B FRA  
60-082 T-37B FRA  
CN-ATC/03 T-34C-1 FRA GM-4
CN-ATE/05 T-34C-1 FRA GM-6
CN-ATG/07 T-34C-1 FRA GM-8
CN-ATH/08 T-34C-1 FRA GM-9
CN-ATJ/10 T-34C-1 FRA GM-11
CN-ATK/11 T-34C-1 FRA GM-12
CN-AUA/110 AS202/18 FRA 110
CN-AUB/111 AS202/18 FRA 111
CN-AUC/114 AS202/18 FRA 114
CN-AUD/115 AS202/18 FRA 115
CN-AUE/116 AS202/18 FRA 116
CN-AUH/119 AS202/18 FRA 119
CN-AUI/121 AS202/18 FRA 121
CN-AUJ/122 AS202/18A1 FRA 122
CN-AUK/29 AS202/18A2 FRA SA-029
CN-AUL/128 AS202/18A1 FRA 128
CN-AUM/165 AS202/18 FRA 165
CN-AUN/174 AS202/18A2 FRA 174
56-529, CN-ATG/07 and CN-AUJ/122 were towed to the static on the 30th after requests by spotters!
Technical school hangar
24 Mirage F1C AdlA, instructional  
69 Mirage F1C AdlA, instructional  
80 Mirage F1C AdlA, instructional  
  Mirage F1C AdlA, instr, fuselage  
  CM170 instructional  
1378 F-5A FRA, instructional  
  Alouette II instructional  
CNA-MB CN235M-100 FRA AL05-2-C024 29/30
CN-AMD CN235M-100 FRA 26
CNA-MF CN235M-100 FRA 27/28,29
CN-ANX Be300 FRA 27
CN-ARM/13 SA330L FRA 28
CN-ARY/25 SA330L FRA 26/30
CN-TWR BN-2T Gendarmerie 29
CH-03 C-130H BLu 26
MM62029 Falcon 50 AMI 30
58-0114 KC-135R Utah ANG 23/30
84-0085 C-21A USAF 27
84-0112 C-21A USAF 29
HZ-AFU G-IV Saudi Arabian SFS 28
- MiG-15UTI FRA Preserved, light blue c/s. No registration carried
CN-AMH C-119G FRA Preserved, as "862"
CN-HTS Alouette II AH2 Helisud Maroc  
  CM170 FRA Preserved, on pole. Red c/s
  CM170 FRA Preserved, on pole. White c/s
  CM170 FRA Preserved, on pole. White c/s
  T-6 FRA Preserved, on pole. Blue/yellow c/s
51-14702? T-6 FRA Preserved, just west of CM170 platform.
CM170, stored on platform;53, 54, 77, 89, 123, 157, 176, 215, 218, 226, 227, 230
Dump;7x T-6, 1x AS202? One of the T-6's is supposed to be the 28.
228 Alpha Jet H FRA 26,3
238 Alpha Jet H FRA 26,29,30
241 Alpha Jet H FRA 26,27,29,30
246 Alpha Jet H FRA 29,3
248 Alpha Jet H FRA 26,27,29
91942 F-5F FRA 26,27,29,30
91943 F-5F FRA 26,27,29,30
CNA-OC C-130H FRA 26,27,29,20
CNA-OG C-130H FRA 27,29,30
CN-AOP C-130H FRA 26
CNA-OS KC-130H FRA 26,27,29,30


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