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Lappeenranta International Air Show 1999


Lappeenranta June 6th 1999,

In June 1999 we had some base visits in Finland , coinciding with these visits we noted that there was a air show at Lappeenranta.
With Lappeenranta being close to the border of Russia we decided to have a look at the show you never know what might be appearing at the show.
The show was organized by the aero Club of Lappeenranta. The Club members are very committed to aviation and engage actively in promoting it in Lappeenranta area. Club members also frequently get together to organize airshows and fund-raising activities.

The first thing we noted at the show was the large amount of aircraft from the Royal Air Force
  Including the Red Arrows. A other unexpected visitor was a RF-4C from the Spanish Air Force. With a good mix of aircraft from the
Finnish Air Force the show was worth the visit. Not being the biggest show is must be sad that it is well organized and also in later years the variety off visitors was noteworthy. 











One very special aircraft on the show was a Gloster Gauntlet MK II

The Gloster Gauntlet is a single-seat biplane fighter aircraft designed and built by Gloster Aircraft in Britain in the 1930s. It was the last Royal Air Force fighter to have an open cockpit and one of the very last biplane fighters in service anywhere. The first production-quality prototype flew for the first time in 1933 and the aircraft entered serial production the following year. The Gauntlets were retired in Britain in 1943 after some 246 planes altogether had been built by Gloster in Britain and under license in Denmark.

The Finnish Air Force received 25 ex-RAF Gauntlets from South Africa in 1940 and used them mainly as advanced trainers. Other users were Australia, Denmark, South Africa and Southern Rhodesia. Today, only one Gloster Gauntlet II remains airworthy in the world, the "GT-400" / OH-XGT operated by Lentotekniikan Kilta in Finland


1116 GF-16   Saab J105 Austrian Air Force
1139 BI-39   Saab J105 Austrian Air Force
OH-LCH     DC 3 Finland
OH-HVI   Finnish Frontier Guard Puma Finland
HN-426     F-18C Finnish Air Force
HN-431     F-18C Finnish Air Force
GT-400 OH-XGT   Gloster Gantlet Finnish Air Force
HW-322 7   Hawk Mk51 Finnish Air Force
HH-4   HeKoLteu Hughes 500D Finnish Air Force
DK-219   HAvLLv11 J35S Finnish Air Force
MG-127     MiG-21Bis Finnish Air Force
PC-4   HAvLLv21 Piper PA-31 Navajo Finnish Air Force
SF-24 OH-SEJ   Saab 91C Finnish Air Force
RG- 1     Valmet L90 Redigo Finnish Air Force
RG-10   HAvLLv11 Valmet L90 Redigo Finnish Air Force
50+99     C-160D German Air Force
61+20   MFG 3 Br1150 Atlantic German Navy
45+45   MFG 2 Tornado IDS German Navy
I-L101     EH101 Italy
XX523     Hawk T1A Royal Air Force
X.... Z   Jaguar T2 Royal Air Force
X.... FK   Jaguar GR1 Royal Air Force
XZ115 FC   Jaguar GR1 Royal Air Force
XZ381     Jaguar GR1 Royal Air Force
ZE295 AV   Tornado F3 Royal Air Force
XV187   LTW Hercules C1P Royal Air Force
Red Arrows     Hawk T1 Royal Air Force
149   339 sqn AB412SP Royal Norwegian Air Force
711     F-16B Royal Norwegian Air Force
T19B-03 35-21   CN-235 110M Spanish Air Force
CR.12-52 12-62 Ala 12 RF-4C Spanish Air Force



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