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Landivisiau June 29th 2003

The 40th anniversary of the Navel Air Station Landivisiau.


Following the development of carrier aviation in the jet age and the "overpopulation" of the NAS Hyeres , the General Staff decided to build a new naval air station Britain where there was already a big presence of the navy.

And so NAS Landivisiau was born . It extends over 370 hectares Landivisiau is the name of the largest city near the base. The construction of the base started in 1963 and was finished two years later. 1 February 1965, General de Gaulle inaugurated the new NAS.

Landivisiau is the home base of the carrier wing. These aircraft operate normally from the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle, but can also deployed to ground bases. Thus, the naval air station Landivisiau is a real "top gun" base.

The first unit allocated to Landivisiau was 11F on 2 May 1967. It was soon followed by 15F 1 August 1967. Both equipped with Etendard IV . The first Crusader (F8E) arrived on 1 August 1967 with the creation of fleets 12F and 14F. 15F Flotilla was disbanded on 1 January 1969 and replaced three months later by the Flotilla 16F, equipped with Etendard IV P .
At the same time, the section Fouga Zephyr , intended to undertake the tasks of routes for the authorities and flight training blind, was created. It was replaced on 1 May 1972 by SRL (Section Reactor Landivisiau), equipped with Morane MS 760 Paris (and 10 Sea Falcon from 1975) and by 57S 1 September 1981.

The Super Etendard , intended to replace the Etendard IV M of 11F, arrived for the first time in Landivisiau on July 27, 1978.
On 18 April 1979, 14F is, in turn, equipped with Super-Etendard (replacing the Crusader ), before being mothballed July 10, 1991. In July 1993, 17F, established in HyŤres in 1958 and equipped with Super-Etendard moved to Landivisiau . In 1997 all the Falcon 10 MER are grouped in Landivisiau to 57S, while Morane Paris are removed from service


In December , 1999, the Crusader was removed from active service and the 12F was dissolved. July 2000 saw the withdrawal of active service of the Etendard IV P , and the dissolution of the Flotilla 16F, part of its missions is taken up by a new body, no planes, the CEIPM (training centre, training and Preparation missions). Within this new organization was born January 8, 2001, STC (processing section width), whose mission is the transformation of young pilots in naval aviation pilot.
The first two Rafale arrived in December 2000. And thus 12F was reborn from its ashes on May 18, 2001 and is now equipped with the Rafale. The gradual arrival of the Rafale will continues for the next few years..

Flotilla 11F and 17F
Equipped with the Super-Etendard modernized (SEM).
The main tasks of these two fleets are the assault of naval or land targets, reconnaissance, escort devices assault or reconnaissance and air defence at low altitude.

Flotilla 12F
The flotilla's mission is air defence and protection of assault missions, reconnaissance and security. It is equipped aircraft Rafale .

Escadrille 57S
Equipped with 10 Sea Falcon it provides pilot training.

The CEIPM, training centre. It provides mission planning and debriefing for the benefit of pilots.

AT02 Alpha Jet E 11sm
E25/314-TJ Alpha Jet E EAC00.314
253/30-SJ Mirage F1CT ER01.030
312/4-CN Mirage 2000N EC03.004
(11) "1999" F-8P pres spec mks
129 Falcon 10MER 57S
10 Rafale M 12F
10, 66 Sup Etendard 11/17F

Flightline 1:
E76/8-MR Alpha Jet E ETO01.008
E176/8-MA Alpha Jet E ETO01.008
2 ATL2 23F
2 E-2C 4F
133, 185 Falcon 10MER 57S
623 LynxHAS2(FN) 34F
137 SA321G 32F
318 SA365F1 35F
2, 4, 18, 24, 28, 35 Sup Etendard 11/17F
38 Sup Etendard 11F tiger mks
39, 44, 45, 49, 55 Sup Etendard 11/17F
57, 59, 64, 69 Sup Etendard 11/17F
F-AZDX B-17G ex 44-8846
F-AZKM OV-10D ex Germany 99+24
F-AZJU Ju-52

Flightline 2:
110 CAP10B 50S
0010/ABN CeF406 EAAT
63 MS893-100S 50S
F-AZBE "4312127" AT-6C Mk2a ex 41-33606
F-AZCI UC-61K ex 44-83037
F-AZDP AD-4N ex Bu124143
F-AZEF T-6G ex 51-4387
F-AZHE T-6 as "14.F.7"
F-AZJY CaudronJN760 ex France 01
F-AZLT MS760 ex France 32
F-AZMI JetProvost T3A ex RAF XN461
F-AZMP T-6G ex 49-3056
F-AZPF CM175 ex France 28
F-AZRB "90747" AT-6D ex 42-86174
F-AZSC "134076" AT-6D ex 41-34671
F-AZYS "133704" F4U-5NL ex Bu124541
F-AZYT AT-6C ex 41-32360

16F hangar:
32, 143 Falcon 10MER 57S

12F hangar front side:
2, 4, 5 Rafale M 12F
8 Sup Etendard 11/17F
46 Sup Etendard 11/17F

12F hangar back side:
29 F-8P stored
12 Sup Etendard 11/17F
19 Sup Etendard 11/17F

Maintenance hangar left side:
3 Rafale M 12F
43 Sup Etendard 11F/17F
101 Falcon 10MER 57S

Maintenance hangar right side:
1, 17, 23, 31, 32, 47 Sup Etendard 11/17F
50, 51, 68 Sup Etendard 11/17F

Small maintenance hangar:
7 Rafale M 12F
33, 48 Sup Etendard 11/17F

11F Hangar:
9 Rafale M 12F
52 Sup Etendard 11/17F

52 Etendard 4M preserved gate
101, 107, 109, 115 Etendard 4P stored
118, 153, 163 Etendard 4P stored
3, 7, 8, 23, 32, 39 F-8P stored

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