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2006 Koksijde air show 

The last full scale air show at Koksijde ?

This year's air show could be the last full-scale air show of a long lasting range of perfect air shows at the Belgian (costal ) Koksijde airbase. The planned sale of a great part of the airbase for building houses could kill the future of the Koksijde air show and by doing this Koksijde could lose a great tourist attraction for the summer season.

Like previous year's this fine air show was well organized with a mix of
military, private and commercial air show contenders.
The main theme this year was the jubilee of the 35 year's service for the Allouette 3 and the 30 year's service of the Sea King. Sea King RS05 was still wearing it's 25 year's anniversary colorscheme and gave a fine display. On the static display was a mock-up of the, to be, successor of the Sea King the NH90.

The highlights of this year's show where the flying display of the Spanish Mirage F1, the Belgian F16, and the first Belgian display of the new Czech Gripen. This year's main display team was the Patrouille the Suisse which gave an very nice demonstration in what probably was the last and hottest air show at Koksijde.


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