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Koksijde airshow 2004


Koksijde air show 2004

Open Day 2003 was a massive event, being a National Defense Day. The 2004 show could not be on the same level. For the last years we had been to Koksijde as a one day trip. This year I did the full 4 days, with give you the opportunity to take pictures at the departure day one Monday. With a list of some fifty-plus aircraft and a full flying show, it was a good show.

The existence of a large pan to the south of the E/W taxiway has always allowed the organizers to set a mini-line of choice aircraft. This year's selection consisted of a Harrier GR7, a Gripen and three special color-scheme F-16s. A very respectable line-up of choppers was to be seen either side of the main crowd area, including examples from Denmark, Italy and France.

Italy sent the RSV line-up of G222 (complete with barrel roll and propeller feather), Tornado, AMX and MB339 - all guaranteed to perform to their limits. From Holland came the F-16AM 'Teamwork' machine. Sweden sent a further Gripen and spare from F21, and the USAFE flew a pair of F-16Cs from Aviano to add to the static line. The RAF sent a circus of types with two Jaguars (single and two-seat), two Harriers, three Tornados, a Hawk and a Dominie. Flying were the 15(R) Squadron Tornado and the 208(R) Squadron Hawk.

All in all, Koksijde is a good day out in a relaxed atmosphere



H-205   Esk 724 OH-6A
P-319   Esk 724 AS550C2
P-369   Esk 724 AS550C2
45+50   JBG33 Tornado IDS
10   23F ATL2
91   35F SA365N
133   57S Falcon 10MER
660 3-ID EC01.003 Mirage 2000D
1916 JCC Gendarmerie     AS350B
4120 BWI 3RHC            SA342M
MM7120 51-52 132°Gr          AMX
MM7149   132°Gr AMX
MM81151   Sq C&S Linate   AB212AM
15109   Esq201          F-16A
15113   Esq201          F-16A
XS713 C   Dominie T1
XX265 CK 100sq   Hawk T1A
XX845 ET 6sq     Jaguar T4
XZ118   nb      Jaguar GR3
XX488 CU-562 750sq   Jetstream T2
XV714 R-188 849sq   S King ASAC7
ZA166 CU-828 771sq   S King HAS5U
ZA556 AJ-C 617sq   Tornado GR4
ZA587 AJ-M 617sq   Tornado GR4
ZE788 YA 43sq    Tornado F3
ZD375 23 1sq Harrier GR7
ZG531 85 1sq Harrier GR7
87-0355 AV 510th FS F-16CG
89-2118 AV 510th FS F-16CG
39202 202   JAS39A
A59   16BnHLn               SA318C
AT08   11sm          Alpha Jet
B08 LH SLV           BN-2A
CH10   20sm                  C-130H
FA05     F-16A
FA71   350sm F-16AM
FA106     F-16AM
FA112   1sm F-16AM
FB22     F-16BM
H45   17BnHATk           A109HA
M2   40sm               SA316B
MT35   1w                 CM170
PL74   Luchtkadetten      G102
RS02   40sm Sea King Mk48
ST20   5sm SF260M
ST47   5sm                   SF260D
T-407, T-409, T-427   FLSK      T-17
T-431, T-432   FLSK      T-17
91 1 EPAA00.315              TB30
100 2 EPAA00.315              TB30
105 4 EPAA00.315              TB30
117 3 EPAA00.315              TB30
CMX7040 RS-01 311°Gr RSV              Tornado IDS
MM7125 RS-11 311°Gr RSV   AMX
MM55078 RS-29 311°Gr RSV  MB339CD
MM62152 RS-45 311°Gr RSV  G222TCM
J-016   323sq F-16AM
J-643   322sq                   F-16AM
XX159   208(R)sq Hawk T1A
XX219 219 208(R)sq                Hawk T1A
ZD843 TG 15(R)sq                 Tornado GR4
39196 196   JAS39A
39205 205   JAS39A
100009 009   Tp100C
A62   16BnHLn SA318C
CE04   21sm ERJ145LR
FA114     F-16AM
FA118     F-16AM
H01     A109HO
M3   40sm SA316B
MT13     CM170
MT48     CM170
RS05   40sm Sea King Mk48

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