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What a fantastic day out.

Some 55 combat aircraft participated in an exercise organised by the 10th Tactical Wing based at Kleine Brogel. Taking advantage of the presence of such a large number of foreign military aircraft, the base also organised the 7th International Kleine Brogel Spotters' Day on Wednesday 20 July 2005

Besides the exercise's participants many rare aircraft of a certain vintage participated in the
static show such as Romanian MiG 21 Lancers and Greek A-7 Corsair II's or a rare Polish Su-22.

There was full flying of based and visiting aircraft almost all day long in a very nice mix of non-F-16 aircraft ranging from training aircraft over helicopters to fighters, attack-aircraft and dedicated recce-aircraft with a highlight of A-7s and Canberra in action!

At the end of the day there was the flypast rehearsals of Alpha Jets, ERJ-135s and C-130s of the Belgian Air force.

Again a very well organised event by the people of Kleine Brogel Airbase.


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