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Çigli/Izmiolkel june 2011,

Turkey like so many other countries celebrates its Centennials this year. The official events already started in January, and will go on the rest of the year. On of the highlight for spotters is the International “Turkey Air Show 2011” , hosted at the 2nd Main Jet Base Command (Çigli/Izmir) . For the first time a spotters package was offered for the days around the air show. In a country normally not so open regarding their military, it was no wonder that the spotter package was soon fully booked.

Several aerobatic teams performed at the large-scale “Turkey Air Show 2011” including Italy's Frecce Tricolori, France's Patrouille de France, the United Kingdom's Red Arrows, Poland's Bialo Czerwone Iskry, Croatia's Krila Aluje, Spain's Patrulla Aguila¸ United states Thunderbirds and of course Turkey's own
Turk Yildizlari.

On the static display were some interesting planes from the Turkish Air Force. On the first part of the static in the shelter area where the planes normally based here displayed. Consisting of trainer aircraft of the Turkish Air Force, T-41 "Mescalero", T-37 "Tweety", T-38 "Talon” and of course the new and KT-1 turboprop trainer.

In the second line-up other planes from the Turkish Air Force were shown. These included the famous F-4 “Phantom” , F-5 “tiger” and helicopters including the AH-1 “Cobra “. But also the most modern aircraft of the Turkish AF like the recently delivered first F-16D Block 50 (with just a few hours of flying in the frame) and a Boeing 737 "Wedgetail" AEW aircraft. And UAV’s from TAI and IAI where on display.













Airplanes from over 13 countries were taking part in the “Turkey Air Show 2011” . These varied from the well known types like a Dutch and Belgium F-16 to a C-130 from Algeria.
Making the show special was the fact that everybody hoped to see planes from the neighbouring countries. This was not to be the case, but the planes that did attend made the show still interesting. Interesting planes included a C-27 SPARTAN from Bulgaria, an AN-26’s from Serbia, Slovakia and Romania and two F-16A’s from Jordan.
For many people the stars of the show where the F-16’s and JF-17’s from Pakistan.

On Saturday the flying display began with a parachutists display and the "Inventory Flypast". This was the moment we were looking out for in the hope to see al lot of different types of the Turkish Air Force. The "Turkish Air Force Inventory Pass", which included Cougar helicopters, T-41, SF-260, T-37, KT-1, T-38, CN-235, C-160, C-130, KC-135, F-16, F4-E/2020, NF-5 2000.

Next up was one off the oldest aircraft in the inventory a T-34. After this the demos of the teams started and continued until the end of the day.

The show was interesting and well organised and we enjoyed our stay at the show and in Izmir.



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