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KLu Open Day 20-09-86 Eindhoven, 



Eindhoven open day 1986,

 the annual "open dag" of the Dutch air force was at Eindhoven airbase in 1986. Looking back at this air show it was a typical for the period. With most surrounding NATO members participating in the show and the static. 

Making the day special where the German Viking with one of there last displays with the F-104. A other highlight was the mass formation of the NF-5.

If you look at the list of participants you would be amazed how many aircraft type's and units that where at this air show and that are not around any more










The Air Show, which consisted of a mix of demonstration teams from various countries and displays by fighter aircraft, helicopters and historic aeroplanes. The Royal Netherlands Air Force whas represented with its two flight demonstration teams, i.e. the F-16 solo display team and the Fokker F.27 C-5, showed what the type was perhaps best known for to the public outside of the Netherlands. Apart from being a tough and reliable transport, the F.27 was a popular air show performer.

For the first time the Spanish AF appeared at e Dutch air show was in 1986. They brought a Mirage F1, Casa 101 and Casa 212.

The day ended with a mass take off from the NF-5's , 314 Squadron and 316 Squadron participated in this flyby in a formations off 21 NF-5's.


reg code type unit
188746 CF-18A 1 CAG
188757 CF-18A 1 CAG
133315 CT-133 1 CAG
2663 F-104G Vikings
2672 F-104G Vikings
35+10 RF-4E AG52
35+37 RF-4E AG52
35+39 RF-4E AG52
35+65 RF-4E AG52
35+76 RF-4E AG52
8054 Bo.105M HFR 16
4009 Alpha Jet A JBG 41
4340 Tornado JBG 38
E.25-65 411-13 CASA 101EB ESC 411
T.12B-53 351-53 CASA 212AA-1 ESC 351
CE.14-29 142-48 Mirage F1BE ESC 142
C.14-15 141-15 Mirage F1CE ESC 141
E 55 5/FTERE Alpha Jet E P.D.FRANCE
E 59 3/FTERI Alpha Jet E P.D.FRANCE
E 63 6/FTERL Alpha Jet E P.D.FRANCE
E107 4/FTERU Alpha Jet E P.D.FRANCE
E155 8/FTERF Alpha Jet E P.D.FRANCE
E156 9/FTERG Alpha Jet E P.D.FRANCE
E170 2/FTERM Alpha Jet E P.D.FRANCE
E172 0/FTERO Alpha Jet E P.D.FRANCE
E173 7/FTERP Alpha Jet E P.D.FRANCE
E174 1/FTERQ Alpha Jet E P.D.FRANCE
5 118-AS Mirage 2000C CEAM
503 118-AX Mirage 2000B CEAM
100 63-VC N.2501 ET 63
XZ136 AD Harrier GR.3 3 SQ
ZD848 BC Tornado GR.1
XV730 Wessex HC.2 22 SQ
300 F-16A 334 SQ
80-0208 WR A-10A 509 TFS
81-0954 WR A-10A 92 TFS
70-2390 LN F-111F 495 TFS
70-2419 LN F-111F 495 TFS
80-0022 BT F-15C 22 TFS
AT-18 Alpha Jet E O&T WING
BA-08 Mirage 5BA 8 SM
ST-15 SF.260MB 5 SM
AT-158 Sk.35XD ESK 725
A-319 SE.3160
A-342 SE.3160 GpLV
A-343 SE.3160 GpLV
A-350 SE.3160 GRASSHOPP.
A-351 SE.3160 GRASSHOPP.
A-391 SE.3160
A-398 SE.3160 GRASSHOPP.
A-494 SE.3160 GpLV
A-495 SE.3160
A-499 SE.3160 GRASSHOPP.
A-515 SE.3160
A-528 SE.3160
H-75 SE.3160 SAR FLT
B-39 Bo105CB 299 SQ
B-42 Bo105CB 299 SQ
B-67 Bo105CB 299 SQ
B-76 Bo105CB 299 SQ
J-616 F-16A 306 SQ
J-643 F-16A 306 SQ
C- 1 F-27-100 334 SQ
C- 2 F-27-100 334 SQ
C- 4 F-27-300M 334 SQ
C- 5 F-27-300M 334 SQ
C-12 F-27-300M 334 SQ
K-3008 NF-5A
K-3013 NF-5A
K-3018 NF-5A 316 SQ
K-3021 NF-5A
K-3026 NF-5A
K-3027 NF-5A 316 SQ
K-3035 NF-5A 314 SQ
K-3036 NF-5A
K-3044 NF-5A 314 SQ
K-3045 NF-5A
K-3046 NF-5A 316 SQ
K-3049 NF-5A
K-3055 NF-5A
K-3065 NF-5A 316 SQ
K-3067 NF-5A
K-3070 NF-5A
K-3072 NF-5A 316 SQ
K-3073 NF-5A
K-4009 NF-5B 314 SQ
K-4015 NF-5B
K-4019 NF-5B
K-4020 NF-5B
K-4021 NF-5B
268 K SH-14B 860 SQ
302 V P-3C-II 320 SQ

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