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Duxford June 8th 2006


Flying Legends Air show


Flying Legends is the showcase event of the world-renowned Fighter Collection, bringing
together the classic aircrafts of two world wars to soar and loop across the Cambridgeshire

Being to the show two years ago, we decided to focus our attention on taking pictures
at the end of the runway near the tank museum.
At this point some great opportunities are possible at the take off and during the low
passes in the show.

The air show is not about polished display routine to entertain. By flying some low passes and simulating an airfield attack everybody is well pleased
The final 'balbo' flypasts will show almost every fighter aircraft in the sky.
It is and will stay a awesome sight seeing so many WWII fighter in one shot.
And the sound is just ...


For P-47D 226671/G-THUN  and F-7F Tigercat 80425/G-RUMT/N7235C it was the last appearance at Duxford as both recently been sold and will make their inevitable journey across the Atlantic to the USA in the near future.
For P-47D 22671 a replacement has already arrived in the form of P-47G 42-25068 Little Demon.

After being to France in the week before in the area around Albert, you could imagine the three Bristol Fighters in the area they have been in those early days
The three aircraft consisted in TFC's F2b F4516/G-ACAA ,the Shuttleworth Collection's F2b D8096/G-AEPH and the Historic Aircraft Collection's F2b D-7889/G-AANM. These planes did not fly in the sense of what we think is flying, They just passed slowly trough the sky without falling out of it. Just a great sight.



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