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Flying Legends Air show 2004


Flying Legends Air show

Duxford June 10th / 11th 2004

Flying Legends is the showcase event of the world-renowned Fighter Collection, brining together the classic aircraft of two world wars to soar and loop across the Cambridgeshire skies.

Squadrons of piston-engine fighters and bombers perform daring manoeuvres and battle formations, in two days of stunning aerial sequences from these historic propeller-driven combat aircraft, culminating in the inspiring Flying Legends Flypast finale.

Billed as the warbird show in Europe, Flying Legends is a joint venture between The Fighter Collection and the Imperial War Museum, and once again, this unique two-day spectacular featuring some of the worldís rarest and most historic aircraft, didnít fail to impress
There is also an opportunity to see these amazing aircraft at close quarters when the Flight Line Walk is opened in the morning on both show days.

As with all Duxford shows, the flying display commences mid afternoon, and at Legends takes on the form of a three hour frenzy of activity, with tail chasing, formation flying and solo routines all nicely mixed up and presented in such a way that quiet moments are hard to come by


A star of the show for many was the appearance of the extremely rare Polikarpov 1-15bis, an agile little biplane that tumbled across the sky in some daring acrobatic manoeuvres. Developed by Russian Nicolay Polikarpov from the earlier 1-5 fighter, the Polikarpov actually replaced the monoplane 1-16 in service in parts of the USSR and is in fact the only example of its type left in the world, having made the journey from Russia to be at Legends.

Resident B-17 Flying Fortress, Sally-B, was this year joined by her French counterpart, B-17 Flying Fortress, Pink Lady which made for an emotive part of the show as the two flew together. Twenty-six aircraft, including two B-25 Mitchells, several Spitfires and Hurricanes, took to the skies in the traditional mass flypast finale to the show, the biggest formation balbo of warbirds seen in Europe each year and, as ever, a fitting end to a truly timeless show.



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