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Czech International Air Fest at Brno 2005





Going to Brno for the exotic visitors,

At 10 – 11 September 2005, the 12th Czech International Air Fest (CIAF) toke place at the Brno International Airport. This air show is one of the largest events of this kind in the Czech Republic in the last few year , and attracted some very interesting aircraft over the last years including SU-27 from the Ukraine and F-16 from Israel.




On static display, where the usual aircraft from the Czech air force with the exception of the MIG-21 ( It will be mist) and the addition of the Saab Gripen. In contrast to the last few years was the lack of a different air forces. But still there was a attractive static display containing aircraft like the JAS 39, L-159, Tornado, A-10, F16D, Mirage, Jaguar, Super Galeb, Mi17, An26, IL-76, TU-154.

The air display part of this year’s CIAF was dominated by the Serbian en Montenegro Air Force taking part with three different aircraft in the display.







A fly past of different helicopters and fighters of the Czech Air Force opened the air show. Followed by a display of the new JAS 39 fighter of the Czech air force . New on the display team front are a of the pair of Alpha Jets of the Portuguese air force with do a routine similar to the France Jaguars. The Galeb, Super Galeb and Orao of the Air Force of Serbia and Montenegro where a welcoming site, the remainder of the show was filled with the usual.

The highlight of the program was the display of the „Strizhi“ 5x MiG 29 aerobatic team of the Russian Federation Air Force from Kubinka.  Giving a performance that is on a different level mostly by the fact that is done with the MIG-29, and they know how to show the power of the aircraft.

CIAF 2005 may have suffered a lack of exotic visitors, but managed to make the show enjoyable. Along with its unique highlights and the good weather you can say it was a nice show


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